Here at Batts Body & Paint, Inc. we work with all insurance carriers. Your insurance company likely will recommend a repair shop. The question is, do you have to use their recommendation? The answer: No! You don’t have to use the body shop that the insurance company recommended. The choice is yours — by law. Yet a question remains: Will you get a quality repair? Most insurance companies have repair contracts with body shops in our area. Choosing the insurance company’s repair shop has benefits for the insurance company, which has negotiated lower labor and material rates, as well as parts discounts with those shops.

Insurance company claims representatives are given set goals. In general, companies would like to see at least 40% of their claims go to their direct repair shops. If you have chosen your own repair shop, claims representatives will frequently try to sway you away from your decision, telling you that our shop isn’t on their list, thus they won’t be able to handle your claim efficiently. They may explain that it will take up to a week before an adjuster will be available to write an estimate on your car. They could go further by stating that their company will not warranty the repairs if you don’t have your car repaired at their shop.

Do not be intimidated by this. Reputable auto body repair shops like ourselves provide a warranty no matter who is paying the bill. We are systematically interested in handling your claim and the repairs as efficiently as possible. Also, our shop estimators are familiar with your insurance company’s claims process and know all local adjusters, making it easy to complete the estimate process and repairs quickly.

Again, the choice is yours.

Overall, whether it’s the insurance company’s recommended shop or your shop of choice, it is important that you choose a repair shop that you feel confident in. At Batts Body & Paint, Inc., quality always comes first. Whether we’re doing precision color-matching for a luxury vehicle or repairing someone’s everyday driver after an accident, we will always make sure that our work is done well so you can drive your car away with it looking as good as new. Contact Us today with any questions or for additional information.